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Apple Binding has the versatility and capacity to bind all quantities, from a 'one-off' sample for a designer, to very large production runs of 100's of thousands.

Wire O

The practical benefits of wire - o as opposed to glued and stitched publications is that they can lie flat easily or fold back on themselves without folding shut or damaging the spine of the book.

Recognised as a smart, secure, durable, up-market presentation format favoured by the professions.
360 degree page turn allowing document to be opened completely flat or folded back on itself.
Pages remain in perfect registration when turned.
Suitable for binding documents up to 34mm thick .

Plastic Spiral

Plastic spiral is a practical and durable way to bind heavy use items such as road atlases and educational publications. Plastic Spiral is more flexible than metal spiral or wire - o which makes it ideal for any items that require posting e.g. company brochures or annual report and accounts.

Pages can be added or removed by opening up the plastic comb without damage to the document.
The spine can be printed on.
Suitable for binding documents up to 48mm thick.